Hear samples and buy the CD at cdbabyIt Doesn't End Here (2008)

"One of the finest mainstream jazz albums of the year...[an] exquisite debut...McDonald plays with fluidity and crispness...One very enjoyable album from start to finish. I could not be more impressed."

Edward Blanco, EJazzNews

"McDonald is a pungent soloist brimming with energy and ideas…He shows his expressive strengths as a ballad player on his somber 'In Exile,' then erupts with a fury on the edgy, aggressively surging modal workout 'Hero Worship.'"

Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

"McDonald and his supporting cast form a tight unit. Regardless of who has the lead, all players are heard and stretch out freely. It Doesn't End Here is an excellent album."

Woodrow Wilkins, All About Jazz

"A superb newcomer...his first CD as a leader leaves no doubt that he's found a home in jazz. His style can be nicely languid...gorgeous...or exuberant...A formidable composer...Here's hoping the album title is a promise."

Ron Netsky, Rochester City Newspaper

"[McDonald's solo disc] is a beaut. It will make you wonder, 'Where has this guy been, anyway?'...He's a great writer to boot...He's got a confident and gentle vibrato, with a flowing sound that belies the harshness of too many an altoist...His tone is shimmering and glassy...Nice walk on homer by a veteran in the minors for too long."

George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

"[The title track from It Doesn't End Here] is a wonderful composition played beautifully. I didn't have to hear anything else to judge how good McDonald and his crew were."

Walter Kolosky,

"[This disc] has a surprise bite and kick...Let it play on repeat all day and it won't wear out its welcome. Very much a warm and pleasant date."

Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"Marc McDonald's sultry saxophone explores the gamut of emotions in It Doesn't End Here...McDonald's involving originals and canny covers create a warm, welcoming atmosphere."

Paul Freeman, Palo Alto Daily News

"Sheer beauty."

Tom Hull, Jazz Prospecting

"Performance is the most important thing in [It Doesn't End Here]...McDonald is a fine player and he and the band offer good material."

Bob Karlovits, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"McDonald plays with a sparse yet lyrical and full-bodied delivery...All in all, a fragrant first flowering from the late-blooming McDonald."

Ralph A. Miriello,